Bird Apps

Bird Apps

When it comes to birding apps some are better than others. These are some of the best birding apps on the market.

 Merlin Bird ID

 This app is free to use and was developed for those new to bird watching. It has some of the most common birds in North America. A person will enter the description of the bird and the app will be able to identify it within 7 seconds. There are high quality pictures and there are over 3,000 quality recordings. This app is available on the iOS operating system.

 National Geographic Birds

 This app has a large database of the bird. It is good for anyone interested in birds from beginners to experts. A person can use the search engine or they can find birds by looking up specific qualifications such as size. The app will be able to identify the bird within 5 seconds. There are over 1,600 quality images of birds and 650 maps of their living environments. This is another app that can be used on the iOS system.

 Peterson Birds

 Some features set this app apart from the others. It provides printed field guides and there is a lot of information provided on the bird. There are two search engines for this app and it will be able to find information on over 800 birds within 5 seconds.

 These are some of the best birding apps out there. A person can find the bird they are looking for with any other these helpful apps.

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